Saturday, 28 April 2012

It has been an odd year - I am currently studying for my QTS which will hopefully come about at the end of this school year.
The only DIY I have managed is to move my shed into the littlest room - obviously the shed has remained outside and it was tough fitting everything into a bedroom (minus the bed) but I now have my own craft room - albeit a shared room if J decides he wants to do his art homework there.  But it has everything in it.
This hopefully means the Craft drought is over! A bit more me time and the ability to pop out of bed in the morning and craft while the house sleeps.

So far only a couple of cards and a few small gifts made but I am hoping to increase that and make a few more things over the next few months.  Beginning with a friend who asked me to make a book of her daughters wedding which really needs looking at now!